Whitening Toothpaste Can Help Prevent More Significant Dental Stains

Significant dental stains don’t just spontaneously appear on the faces of your teeth. They build up over the course of time. Dental stains are more likely to develop if you frequently drink dark beverages or you use tobacco products with any frequency. If your smile has dulled and turned an unsightly shade of yellow, gray, or beige, the whitening products... read more »

Using Whitening Strips to Help Maintain Your Bright White Smile

Dr. Adam Hodges’s dental bleaching treatment will safely and effectively whiten your smile. However, these results will only be temporary, if you continue to consume dark foods and beverages without some means of countering their inherent staining effects. Whitening strips are popular and convenient way to maintain your white smile. You can wear them while you go about your day,... read more »