Can Water Flossers Clean between Teeth?

Can water flossers clean between teeth? A water flosser is an interdental device that is constructed to supplement your oral health care treatment using an alternative oral health care treatment method of cleaning between teeth. Water flossers work by using a unique tool that can spray beams of water at teeth, rather than a thread to scrub between teeth. Listed... read more »

Are Suffering from the Effects of a Cavity?

Are you suffering from the effects of a cavity? A cavity is the result of tooth decay on your teeth to the point where your tooth enamel has been so heavily worn, a hole exists. If you do have a cavity, visit your dentist to have the decay cleaned up and a filling put into place. Depending on the size... read more »

There Are Different Types of Dental Floss

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush and floss your teeth twice each day in order to remove plaque and residual food particles from your mouth. You should floss between your teeth and along the gumline immediately after brushing. This is by far the most effective way to remove residual food particles and plaque from areas to help prevent... read more »