Three Steps for Tooth Replacement

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The process of placing a dental implant is an extended one, but it’s not as challenging as many people assume. We are eager to help you better understand what to expect from receiving a dental implant by providing an in-depth review of the three steps involved. These steps are:

Step 1: Our dentist examines your oral cavity by screening the area with dental X-rays, which provides an accurate and high-quality picture of your teeth, gum, and bones, as well as their strength and health.

Step 2: The next step in receiving dental implants requires an oral surgeon to place a small titanium post directly in the jawbone where you lost a tooth. We then allow the jawbone to heal and bond with the post so that it remains securely in its place, and this can require about six to twelve weeks.

Step 3: Our dentist fits the bonded post with an abutment to serve as a secure foundation for the replacement tooth that will follow. Then, we arrange for you to a custom-made dental crown that covers the abutment and serves as a beautiful addition to your smile.

Following the completion of your dental implant procedure, you can have a beautiful, strong, and healthy smile with a new lifelong tooth. Learn more about dental implant placement in Greenwood, Mississippi, by calling Family Dental Associates at 662-453-5536 today and arranging to speak with our dentists. Dr. Adam Hodges and Dr. Perry Whites are here for your smile!