Oral Health Services: CEREC® Dental Crowns and Fillings

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Have you heard that a dental crown can be diagnosed, created, and installed all in the period of a single day? This process is conceivable with the amazing technology used with CEREC® dental crowns. A CEREC® crown is not sent out for to a lab, which can take weeks to obtain, but rather is milled right in the dentist office with a dedicated computer. CEREC same-day crowns feature the following attributes:

– CEREC dental crowns are fashioned directly at the dentist office with a specialized computer to ensure a perfect fit without the need for patients to wear painful temporary crowns.

– CEREC same-day crowns can be designed and put into your mouth in the period of a single day.

– CEREC dental fillings can impersonate the look of your natural teeth, and thanks to their porcelain design, they are considered more durable than composite fillings.

– These crowns can be sculpted and modified to fit your specific needs based on color, curvature, size, and shape.

– They are tremendously durable and can last for over a decade.

To learn more about CEREC, contact Dr. Adam Hodges and our team at Family Dental Associates by calling us at 662-453-5536. If you would like an oral exam or bi-annual professional cleaning, our dentist office is located in Greenwood, Mississippi. Save your smile with our help today!