Dentures: The Basics

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How are false teeth similar to vampires? Answer: both of them come out at night! What else do you understand about dentures? We’ve amassed some information to round out your knowledge of what dentures are used for and whether they might be right for you.

Dentures are frames of false, removable teeth intended to replace lost teeth. They can be either complete or partial substitute depending on a number of lost teeth, and they are generally classified by whether they will be replacing your top or bottom row of teeth. And they are always designed to restore a full, shining smile!

Dentures can be applied for anyone missing teeth, but the type of dentures will be determined by the number and quality of the remaining pearly whites of the wearer. If you’re curious about what type of dentures are right for you, don’t worry: Dr. Adam Hodges will examine your chompers and recommend the type of false teeth that are best for you.

Living without teeth can be miserable. Let us assist you to enhance your oral health by replacing your lost pearly whites with partial or complete dentures. If you have lost any teeth, don’t delay in calling us at 662-453-5536 to set up your next appointment. Dr. Adam Hodges and the staff of Family Dental Associates in Greenwood, Mississippi, will be thrilled to set your oral health back on the right path. We’ll see you soon!