Dentistry Highlights: Gum Disease Symptom Detection

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Gum disease can arrive anytime and can often progress over a period of many years. However, it often goes undetected because its attributes can be linked to other ailments in your mouth. However, if your gum tissue does become infected, there are frequent signs and symptoms that you should be mindful of.

Several physical indications of gum disease can also be present. Examine your teeth to determine if your gums are slowly receding away from your teeth. If this is the case, there will be more surface area of the tooth visible. Additional signs of gum disease include bad breath that frequently returns, gums that continually bleed, especially when they’re cleaned, and the presence of pus or sores in the gaps around your teeth and gums.

If order to examine your own mouth, look for symptoms that your gums are in bad condition. This includes inflammation, swelling, or an increase in gum sensitivity. Furthermore, if they frequently bleed while brushing or flossing, or during meal time, gum disease may be present. In addition, if you experience any pain while chewing foods or any extra tooth sensitivity with sensations of tooth slippage, gum disease may be at fault.

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