Check Your Medications if Your Gums Are Bleeding

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From time to time bloody gums mean that your gums are just slightly irritated, but other times bloody gums mean that something more serious. It’s imperative that you don’t delay in caring for your bleeding gums before your sickness turns more serious. Think about the following if you’ve noted any blood in your gums for a while now.

Could your medicine be triggering your bleeding gums? A few aspirins thin blood, resulting in increased bleeding in the gums and other places. Some prescription medicines can also cause your gums to bleed. If you have been practicing good oral hygiene and your gums started bleeding only recently, it’s probable that medication is the cause. Let Dr. Adam Hodges know what medications you’re taking.

Have you been into our office in a while? One of the most imperative and most powerful ways to thwart bleeding gums is to receive a professional oral cleaning once every six months. Serious conditions like tartar collection and gum disease can only be treated by a dental professional, so please ensure that you check up with the dentist regularly.

At Family Dental Associates, we want you to have the healthiest mouth possible, and that means caring for any bleeding gums. Are you ready for your next checkup in our Greenwood, Mississippi, office? Call 662-453-5536 now and we’ll get you penciled in for an appointment.